Do your counters reflect your style? When you bought your house, you may have felt okay about the counters that were already there. But as you’ve put your personal touch on other parts of your house, you realize that your kitchen’s surfaces just don’t mix with the rest of the décor

The beauty of laminate is that you can choose just about any color or pattern you like. At united carpet floors kitchen and bath, our laminate counter installer works with you to ensure you are completely confident with your purchase decision. By going over all the details like size, colors, and even edge detailing, the installer helps you narrow down our vast inventory to the perfect counters for your space. So visit our showroom in Waldorf, MD to start the process.

Many homeowners who opt for natural stone counters often forget about the versatility of laminate. Most people haven’t updated their kitchens in years and don’t realize that with the advancements in technology over the past decade, this material looks and performs better than ever. Talk to our laminate counter installer about all the benefits our products have to offer, including:

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